Cross State Corridors Panel

Monday 10-11am

The movement of freight across the nation’s highways is becoming an ever increasing challenge. This is also giving Sate DOT’s an opportunity to develop creative solutions with neighboring states along critical corridors to address these challenges.

  • Truck Parking

  • Port of Entry Permits

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Weight Limits

Emergency Recovery Panel

Monday 2:30-3:30pm

Emergency responses to fire and floods have been an increasing challenge to State DOTs. Since these events are unplanned, there is generally no or insufficient budget programmed to deal with the event or the subsequent recovery from the event.

This panel will discuss impacts, recovery, and best practices from a Federal Land Manager and State DOT perspective



Women in transportation multi-generational panel

Wednesday 1-2pm

Transportation is personal for all of us. Since the completion of the interstate highway system, the movement of goods and people have experienced significant changes. Now with a larger focus on transit, rideshare and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the future will hold many new challenges.

This multi-generational panel will discuss their ideas on:

  • What makes transportation personal for them

  • Where transportation is moving in the future

  • What are some roadblocks ahead

  • How can we develop the next generation of transportation leaders